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From hobby to business



The idea for the company was born in the spring of 2021, when the covid situation had led to an explosion in the number of disc golfers. New discs were nowhere to be found and buying used ones was slow, expensive and risky. In addition, the idea of starting my own business had been on my mind for some time.

We decided to set up an online shop where customers could get discs quickly, easily and reliably. If nothing else, we would learn something new. We set up a limited company, built an online shop, bought used discs for our parents' garage and started working.

Thus was the start of DiscKing.



Our parents' garage was quickly running out of space and we started looking for a small office space. We found a suitable space quite quickly and at the beginning of July we moved to a 20m2 office cubicle in Kaarina Krossi, Finland.



In January 2022, we found a space where we could open a brick-and-mortar store. We negotiated a bank loan, renovated the space and in March we were able to open our first brick-and-mortar store. The store of about 100m2 was located on the ground floor of Autoliike Palomäki in Kaarina's Piispanrist and its selection included not only used discs but also new disc golf discs and accessories.



During the summer, we realised that our premises were too small. One particular difficulty was the small office space, which almost always looked like this.

We started looking for new premises and, by chance, our current landlord had just vacated a 500m2 shop/warehouse space right next to our shop. We went to look at the space and realised it would be perfect for our business. In addition to a large brick and mortar store, we could build a sensible office and storage space and one of our long-standing dreams; an indoor disc golf training center.

We negotiated the financing and started renovating again. In October 2022, we were able to open our new store and Finland's first indoor training centre.

Piispanristintie 1, 20760 Piispanristi, Finland


Opened in October 2022, our store is centrally located in Kaarina's Piispanristi district. In addition to thousands of used disc golf discs, you will also find new disc golf discs and products from top manufacturers. Our selection includes VivoBarefoot barefootwear suitable for disc golf.

Our knowledgeable sales staff will help you to find everything you need for your disc golf hobby.

Opening hours:

Mon-Fri: 12-19

Sat-Sun: 12-16

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Piispanristintie 1, 20760 Piispanristi, Finland

Training center

Our Disc Golf indoor training centre is a great place to practice disc golf. Over 180m2 of throwing space, several baskets, tees and a speed trap.

The training centre is booked in one-hour shifts and you can come alone or in a larger group. We also organise putt leagues, children's birthday parties, private coaching and corporate away days.

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