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Training Center

Piispanristintie 1, 20760 Piispanristi, Finland

Training center

Our disc golf indoor training centre, located inour store, is a great place to practice disc golf. Over 180m2 of throwing space, several baskets, tees and a speed trap.

The training centre is booked in hourly shifts and you can come alone or in a larger group. We also organise putt leagues, children's birthday parties, private coaching and corporate away days.

For opening times, please check the booking calendar.

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You should definitely bring your own bag and a water bottle. There are also lots of loan putters to try out. It gets warm quickly when practising in the training centre. We recommend wearing a t-shirt + shorts. We recommend indoor shoes / cleaned outdoor shoes, you can also train without shoes. However, studs are not allowed in the training centre!


Payment is made at the checkout. Payment methods include cash, debit/credit card, gift card, training card, Smartum, Edenred and ePassport. If you cannot find the payment method you require, please contact us.