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Tritanium Extend High - Compression Ankle Supports

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Tritanium eXtend High - Compression Ankle Supports reduce various ankle-related pain, enhance performance confidence, and improve post-injury recovery.

Tritanium's CE-marked compression ankle supports are innovative functional supports based on high compression pressure. They provide support to the ankle joint, activate the muscles supporting the ankle area, and reduce the load on the ankle and Achilles tendon during exertion. These ankle supports help prevent ankle injuries and their recurrence, reduce post-injury swelling, and thus promote recovery. They also prevent and treat various overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, ligament injuries, Achilles tendon inflammations, and more.

NOTE: The package includes one pair of ankle supports, suitable for both feet.

Tritanium eXtend High compression ankle supports are the result of long-term and innovative development, utilizing the latest cutting-edge technology in their manufacturing. Scientifically optimized gradual compression pressure (20-25mmHg), combined with anatomical design and technical features, allows full mobility of the ankle joint while providing medium external "mechanical" support. This enhances ankle/foot function, stability, and reduces the risk of injuries.

Thanks to their anatomical design, the support feels customized to the wearer, ensuring top-notch comfort. These supports can be worn with thin, yet durable materials in training shoes, spikes, skates, and ski boots. Tritanium eXtend compression ankle supports benefit both active enthusiasts and competitive athletes, making them ideal for all sports and physical activities.

Note! The compression ankle supports are made of durable high-quality nylon-based material and are suitable for use with most traditional "hard" ankle supports on the market, enabling better and more comfortable use of the ankle supports.


  • Reduce and prevent pain during exertion 
  • Reduce the load on the ankle joint 
  • Activate muscles supporting the ankle/foot 
  • Decrease the risk of sports and overuse injuries 
  • Reduce post-exertion joint pain and swelling 
  • Enhance comfort and confidence during performance 
  • Improve workout feel 
  • Enhance recovery from injuries/surgeries 
  • Aid in the treatment of various ankle issues (plantar fasciitis, ligament injuries, 
  • Achilles tendon inflammations, etc.)


  • Donning: Gently roll the ankle supports on and off, and place the heel cup carefully in position. Always wear the compression ankle supports as the bottom layer directly against the skin if you're using regular socks with the support. Note! If you're wearing the ankle supports with compression socks, then the ankle support should be worn over the compression sock. The supports can be worn during exercise, such as in training shoes, together with socks. They can also be used for extended periods during injury treatment (even at rest), but consult an expert for guidance. 
  • Recommended usage: Worn during performance, you can start using them 15-30 minutes before your activity. For injury treatment, they can be used continuously for extended periods; however, seek expert advice. 
  • Suitability: Ideal for all types of sports and physical activities, as well as for therapeutic use.

Product Details:

  • Designed in Finland
  • CE marking
  • Anatomical design: Adapts to joint movements without limiting range of motion
  • Materials: Nylon 75% / Invista Lycra® 25%
  • Size markings on the inside of each ankle support's upper bandUnisex model
  • The package includes one pair (2 pieces) of eXtend ankle supports

Size Chart:


Ankle Circumference


Shoe Size

XS 12-15 27-34
S 15-18 32-39
M 18-22 36-43
L 22-26 41-47
XL 26-30 43-49
XXL 30-34 44-52

Measurement Guide: Measure the narrowest part of your ankle and choose the correct size based on ankle circumference. If your measurement falls between two sizes, choose the larger size. If you're unsure about selecting the right size, feel free to contact our experts.

Care Instructions:

  • Hand wash or machine wash at 30°- 40°C 
  • Do not use rinse or bleach 
  • No spin drying 
  • No dry cleaning 
  • No tumble drying 
  • No ironing

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