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Vuoden 2023 Paras Kiekkojulkaisu

The Best Disc Release of 2023

In 2023, several new discs were once again released. At the end of the year, we organized a vote for the best disc release of 2023!

We asked our Instagram followers to vote for the best disc release of the year. Subsequently, the eight discs with the most votes were paired off in head-to-head matchups. The winners of these matchups advanced to the next round.

Voting Process: Head-to-Head Matchups

The eight most popular models were

  • Discmania S-Line DD
  • Clash Discs Double Steady Wild Honey
  • Innova Star Rollo
  • Kastaplast K1 Berg X
  • Prodigy 400 F9
  • Clash Discs Steady Vanilla
  • Discmania S-Line MD5
  • Discmania Horizon MD1


Final and Winner

In the final, Discmania's Horizon MD1 faced off against S-Line DD. Horizon MD1 emerged as the clear winner with an overwhelming 76% of the votes!

Why is Discmania's Horizon MD1 the Best Disc of 2023?

Horizon MD1 was one of the most anticipated disc releases of the entire summer. Although it was announced in early summer, the products didn't hit the shelves until September. The Horizon plastic blend has gained immense popularity, and the MD1 performs exceptionally well for players of all skill levels. Additionally, our followers appreciate the disc's aesthetics. 

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