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Innova Star Destroyer - Bottom Stamp

12 Speed
5 Glide
-1 Turn
3 Fade
Color: Neon Green
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The Innova Destroyer is an extremely fast and stable long-distance driver. This disc is a staple in the bag of almost every pro player! The Destroyer excels in high-speed forehand and backhand throws, making it a versatile choice for power players. It can handle headwinds, and you can rely on its fade in various situations.

This particular disc doesn't have any top-side printing; the stamp is only found on the bottom. Some of these discs feature a redesigned Bottom Stamp. Bottom Stamp Destroyers typically have a slightly more stable flight than the regular ones.

Star plastic is one of Innova's most popular premium plastic blends. It offers durability similar to Champion plastic but with a bit more flexibility and no see-through properties. Star plastic retains its flight characteristics for a long time and provides a secure grip.

Please note that the color and stamp design on the disc may not exactly match the product image. You can make specific requests on the Shopping Cart page.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Leevi Malmberg
Reviewer's maximum distance: 90-109m
Reviewer's rating: 800-869
Innova Champion Destroyer

Tilauksen tekeminen oli helppoa. kiekkot saapu perille nopeasti. olen todella tyytyväinen. kiekko sopii itelle hyvin käteen. tarpeeks vakaa ettei flippaa liikaaa yli. tällä hetkellä tosi luotto pannu ja sittenkun kuluttaa kiekkoo nk voi heittää distance linjoja. hyvin tehty nettisivut. lukuunottamatta niitä jolloin nettisivu jäätyili välillä.

Aatu Malm
Reviewer's maximum distance: 130-149m
Innova Star Destroyer- Bottom stamp

Luotettavan vakaa ja liidokas kaikkiin sääolosuhteisiin.

Reviewer's maximum distance: +150m
Reviewer's rating: 930-999
halo destroyer

lentää suoraa ja feidaa varmasti

Reviewer's maximum distance: 90-109m
Reviewer's rating: 800-869
Star Destroyer

Kokeilin dessua ja siitä tuli luottokiekkoni. Todella hyvä keikko

Reviewer's maximum distance: 130-149m
Reviewer's rating: 0 (ei ratingia)
Halo destroyet

Todella hyvä pitkiin hysse heittoihin, itellä lentää 10m pidemmälle ku mikkää muu kike hyssesä.