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Mikä on paras frisbeegolf puttiputteri?

What is the best disc golf putter?

The putter, the disc used to throw the disc into the basket, is the most important tool for a disc golfer. What is the best disc golf putter? We decided to ask our Instagram(@kiekkokingi) followers. We organised a poll in our story section, which was carried out as follows:

We added a question box to our Instagram story asking for the best putter. The eight that received the most votes were Latitude 64 Pure, Discmania P1, Prodigy Pa3, Discmania Link, Discmania P2, Discraft Luna, Innova Aviar and Prodigy P Model S. We sorted these discs into semi-finals, the winners of which were voted for by our followers.

The quarter-finals

Paras Putti Putteri Puolivälierä

Pure vs. P1

Sweden's Latitude 64 Pure was pitted against Finland's Discmania P1. Latitude's Pure is an understated, beadless low profile putter and Discmania's P1 is a really straight, beadless and slightly higher profile putter. The Discmania P1 is used by many top players, such as Niklas Anttila. The popularity of the Discmania is huge and Latitude was unable to match it. The Discmania P1 beat the Latitude 64 Pure with 77% of the vote.

Pa3 vs. Link

Prodigy Pa3 was up against Discmania Link. The Prodigy Pa3 is a low-profile, slightly more stable, beaded and very popular putter. The Discmania Link is a beadless, straight but reliable end-footed putter. The Prodigy Pa3 and Discmania Link are actually quite similar putters. The Prodigy Pa3 is the putter of almost every team player, including Väinö Mäkelä and Gannon Buhr. However, the result of the vote was clear with Prodigy Pa3 beating Discmania Link with 60% of the votes.

P2 vs. Luna

Discmania's P2 was pitted against Discraft's Luna. The Discmania P2 is a beadless, round and reliable endfeed putter. P2 is one of Discmania's most popular reels of all time. Discraft's Luna is a straight, low-profile, beadless putter. Discraft's Luna is used by almost all of Discraft's team players, including 6x world champion Paul McBeth. Discmania's popularity, especially in Finland, helped Discmania P2 to an overwhelming victory over Discraft's Luna, garnering 79% of the vote.

Aviar vs. P Model S

Innova's Aviar was pitted against Prodigy's P Model S. Innova's Aviar is one of the most legendary putters. The Aviar is a straight-bladed, moderately deep and bead-free putter. All Innova team players actually putt with different variations of the Aviar. Prodigy's P Model S is from Prodigy's Ace Line series, but clearly one of the Ace Line's most popular discs. The P Model S is a straight, low-profile, beadless putter. The P Model S is used by many Prodigy team players as a putter. The voting was very even and, somewhat surprisingly, Prodigy's P Model S won Innova's Aviar with 52% of the vote.

The semi-finals

Paras Putti Putteri Välierät

P1 vs. Pa3

The first pair of semi-finals was between Discmania's P1 and Prodigy's Pa3. Discmania and Prodigy are by far the most popular brands in Finland and the vote was a record-breakingly even. The vote was decided by a margin of only 16 votes. Prodigy's Pa3 won over Discmania's P1 with 50.1% of the votes.

P2 vs. P Model S

Discmania's P2 was pitted against Prodigy's P Model S in the semi-final. Prodigy and Discmania also faced in the second semi-final. This time the vote was relatively clear for Discmania's P2, with P2 beating Prodigy's P Model S with 74% of the vote.

The final

Paras Putti Putteri Finaali

Pa3 vs. P2

The two most popular putters - Prodigy's Pa3 and Discmania's P2 - met in the final, as expected. Prodigy's most popular model Pa3 and Discmania's most popular model P2 were expected to be the two toughest finalists. However, the result of the vote was surprisingly clear. Discmania's P2 beat Prodigy's Pa3 with 57% of the vote. The Discmanian P2 is therefore the best disc golf putter according to the poll!

Discmania has done a great job with the branding. In addition, top quality team players have been successful in developing both the P2 and the entire Discmania brand.

Congratulations to Discmania for the win!

Paras PuttiPutteri P2

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