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Mikä on paras suomalainen frisbeegolf signature -kiekko?

What is the best Finnish disc golf signature disc?

What will be the best Finnish disc golf signature disc in 2023? We decided to ask our Instagram(@kiekkokingi) followers. We organised a vote in our story section, which was carried out as follows:

We added a question box to our Instagram story asking for the best Finnish signature disc. The eight who got the most votes were Hyttynen (Tuomas Hyytiäinen), Lock Series (Niko Rättyä), The Archer (Väinö Mäkelä), Royal Rage (Leo Piiroinen), Otso (Seppo Paju), Raino (Severi Saviniemi), Nordic Phenom (Niklas Anttila) and Marja (Topias Jokinen). We sorted these reels into quarter-finals, the winners of which were voted by our followers.

The quarter-finals

Paras Suomalainen Signature -välierä

Hyttynen vs. Lock Series

Tuomas Hyytiäinen's Hyttynen(Discmania) was pitted against Niko Rättyä's Lock Series (Discmania / Clash Discs). Although Niko Rättyä's "Lokki Sensei" are very popular, Niko Rättyä's recent injuries have also affected the popularity of the Lock Series. Tuomas Hyytiainen's Hyttynen won Lock Series by a reasonable margin, with 64% of the votes.

Archer vs. Royal Rage

Väinö Mäkelä's Archer(Prodigy) was pitted against Leo Piiroinen's Royal Rage (Discmania). Väinö Mäkelä's popularity and strong performances on the pitch have made the Archer series very popular. Especially in 2020, the Hole In One in the Tampere "submarine hole" exploded the popularity of Väinö Mäkelä and the Archer series. The Royal Rage by legend Leo Piiroinen is also very popular, but it was no match for the popularity of the Archer. Väinö Mäkelä's Archer clearly beat Leo Piiroinen's Royal Rage with 72% of the vote.

Otso vs. Raino

Seppo Paju's Otso(Prodigy) was pitted against Severi Saviniemi's Raino (Prodigy). Seppo Paju is one of the Finnish genre legends and his Otso series has been very popular. In addition, Seppo Paju has been actively producing video content for YouTube, in which his opponent Severi Saviniemi has also made several appearances. Severi Saviniemi's Raino is a relatively new signature series, which has also enjoyed rapid popularity. The setting was particularly interesting, as many people have discovered Severi through Seppo's Youtube videos. Seppo Paju's Otso beat Severi Saviniemi's Raino, garnering up to 88% of the vote.

Nordic Phenom vs. Marja

2022 Finnish Champion Niklas Anttila's Nordic Phenom (Discmania) was up against Topias Jokinen's Marja(Prodiscus). Niklas Anttila won not only the 2022 SM gold medal but also the USDGC silver medal, which has made Niklas Anttila well known around the disc golf circles. Topias Jokinen's social media work is strong, but it was not enough against Niklas Anttila. Niklas Anttila's Nordic Phenom beat Topias Jokinen's Marja with 89% of the vote.

The semi-finals

Paras suomalainen Signtaure välierä?

Hyttynen vs. Archer

Tuomas Hyytiäinen's Hyttynen faced Väinö Mäkelä's Archer in the semi-final. Tuomas Hyytiäinen and Väinö Mäkelä both have a strong social media presence, but Väinö Mäkelä's on-field performances have been stronger. However, our followers' opinion was clear - Väinö Mäkelä's Archer beat Tuomas Hyytiäinen's Mosquito with 63% of the vote.

Otso vs. Nordic Phenom

Seppo Paju's Otso was pitted against Niklas Anttila's Nordic Phenom in the semi-final. Seppo Paju's Otso series is very popular, but Anttila's popularity has increased especially in the last year. This duel turned out to be very close and was decided by only a few tens of votes. Seppo Pajun's Otso won after a close race with Niklas Anttila's Nordic Phenom getting 51% of the votes.

The final

Paras suomalainen Signature Finaali

Archer vs. Otso

Two of Finland's most popular Signature discs met in a relatively expected final - Väinö Mäkelä's Archer and Seppo Paju's Otso. Seppo Paju and Väinö Mäkelä have been competing, commentating and producing quality videos together for several years. Väinö Mäkelä's Archer and Seppo Paju's Otso have undoubtedly earned their place in the final. However, the result of the vote was surprisingly clear - Väinö Mäkelä's Archer won over Seppo Paju's Otso with 64% of the votes. Väinö Mäkelä's Archer is the most popular Finnish signature disc.

Väinö Mäkelä's Archer series is the best Finnish signature disc according to our followers. Väinö Mäkelä has convinced both on the pitch and on social media. Väinö Mäkelä has managed to make a lot of the right choices in his career and has succeeded brilliantly in his personal branding. Väinö Mäkelä's disc sponsor Prodigy Disc has also contributed to the creation of both the Archer and Otso series.

Congratulations to Väinö Mäkelä and Prodigy Disc for the win!

Paras Signature kiekko Archer

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