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Mikä on paras frisbeegolf -valmistaja?

What is the best disc golf manufacturer?

What is the best disc golf manufacturer in 2023? We decided to ask our Instagram (@kiekkokingi) followers. We organized a poll in our story section as follows:

We added a question box to our Instagram story asking for the best frisbee golf brand. The top eight manufacturers with the most votes were Clash Discs, Discmania, Latitude 64, Innova, MVP, Prodigy, Kliffa Discs, and Discraft. We organized these brands into quarterfinals, and our followers voted for the winners.


Clash Discs vs. Discmania

Finnish Clash Discs faced Finnish Discmania. Despite the enormous growth in popularity of Clash Discs, it was unable to match the popularity of Discmania. Discmania won decisively, collecting 87% of the votes.

Latitude 64 vs. Innova

Swedish Latitude 64 faced American Innova. Innova is one of the oldest and largest disc manufacturers in the world. Latitude 64 has its own following and a relatively strong representation in Europe, but it was not enough to help Latitude win. Innova won decisively, collecting 73% of the votes.

MVP vs. Prodigy

MVP faced Prodigy. Although MVP has increased in popularity, especially with Simon Lizotte's contract, its popularity cannot be compared to Prodigy's in Finland. Prodigy Disc has been one of the most popular brands in Finland for several years, especially thanks to Seppo Paju and Väinö Mäkelä. Prodigy won decisively, collecting 84% of the votes against MVP.

Kliffa Discs vs. Discraft

Newly established Finnish Kliffa Discs faced one of the world's largest disc manufacturers - Discraft. Discraft has been in the industry for a long time and its team includes one of the best frisbee golfers of all time - Paul McBeth. In a relatively close vote, Discraft won, collecting 63% of the votes.


Paras Frisbeegolfmerkki

Discmania vs. Innova

Discmania faced Innova in the semifinals. The setup was particularly interesting because Discmania's discs were produced at Innova's factory for several years until 2021 when Discmania opened its own factory in Sweden. This also caused a lot of friction between the manufacturers and disagreements about ownership of the models. However, our followers' opinion was clear - Discmania won against Innova, collecting 79% of the votes.

Prodigy vs. Discraft

Prodigy faced Discraft in the semifinals. Discraft's weakness, especially in Finland, is the lack of a team representing Europe. While Prodigy has several of Europe's best players in their team, Discraft doesn't really have anyone. The choice has been right for Prodigy, as it won against Discraft, collecting 68% of the votes.


Paras Frisbeegolvalmistaja 2023

Discmania vs. Prodigy

Two of Finland's most popular disc golf brands met in the final as expected. Prodigy and Discmania. Both of their popularity is clearly visible in Finland, especially among young people. However, the end result of the vote was surprisingly clear. Discmania won over Prodigy, claiming the title of the best disc golf manufacturer by receiving 72% of the votes.

So, according to our followers, Discmania is the best disc golf manufacturer. The company has clearly made the right choices and it shows in Discmania's popularity. The team player choices have been spot on: representing Discmania from Finland are, for example, Niklas Anttila and Tuomas Hyytiäinen, and from the United States, one of the biggest stars of disc golf, Eagle McMahon, is on the team.

Congratulations to Discmania for the victory!

Discmania - paras firsbeegolfmerkki

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